Tricka is a soul founded in love for people, nature and living well. She is committed to helping people feel more comfortable in their bodies, teaching others how to find self love, heal and live their truest and most radiant life. Born and raised Toronto to a lineage of mystics, Tricka has always known that her abilities were not always seen, but were always felt. She grew to become passionate about people, the environment and the intricacies of human kind; and completed an honours degree in environmental and social sustainability. 

After years of neglecting and abusing her body, yoga found Tricka and at 18 she completed 250 hours of yoga teacher training. Since then, she has completed Reiki certifications, intensives in Ashaya Yoga, HEAL training- yoga for mental health sensitivity, yin and restorative. She has worked under healer Sara Moncrieff to fine tune and amplify her energetic and emphatic abilities and works with clients to better understand their energy, intuition and emotions more clearly. In tandem with her yoga background, love for the supernatural, holistic and natural wellness, the cosmic and spirituality, her teachings and offerings are truly distinct and inventive. Tricka created Frequency Found, a soul service that combines her areas of expertise as a guide to help her clients find self love, express differently and connect to their purpose and meaning.


Tricka passionate about connection and energy, bass heavy hip-hop and non-fiction/self help reading and learning. She is confident in human kind and believes each person is meant to live a fulfilling and radiant life. She has taught in world class resorts with NRG2GO, in luxury hotels, has collaborated with lululemon, lole women, the GAP, universities and several yoga festivals to create energy enhancing, free spirited and supportive experiences. Her global clientele seek her intuitive gifts, healing treatments and guidance. Tricka works full time as a healer in between Toronto, Canada and Honolulu, USA with her husband.